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Older Persons Road Safety

Driving and eyesight

You would need to stop driving if your eyesight deteriorated below the minimum legal requirement of being able to read a standard-sized number plate from the required distance.

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Walking accounts for just under 25% of all journeys, yet nearly 80% of journeys are less than a mile, an easily walkable distance.

There are many benefits to walking over driving including a healthier lifestyle and saving money.

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Real Lives

Bespectacled Lady

The importance of regular eye checks

I was turning right at a junction, carefully looking out for cars coming both ways. That's probably why I didn't notice the cyclist coming. Luckily, he managed to stop just in time, but he wasn't best pleased.

I've always had good eyesight and only usually wear glasses for reading. Nearly pulling out on the cyclist really shook me up, so I had my eyes tested and now I've got another paid just for driving, which has really made all the difference.

Father and Daughter

Benefits of assessment courses

My daughter's always going on about how I should think about giving up driving at my age. To prove her point, she booked me on an assessment course for older drivers.

I passed with flying colours, but the examiner pointed out some weaknesses which affect most older drivers and these are the things I know I have to be more aware of in the future.

Older Companion

A very close call

I really enjoy my daily trips round the shops, but what happened to my friend Joan has made me think twice.

She was behind a van, waiting to cross the street. The driver couldn't see her in his mirrors so he started reversing and...whack! He heard the thump and, thankfully, stopped before it was too late. She was lucky to get away with bruises and broken ribs, but it's all taking a very long time to heal and she's now a bit scared about going out again.

Gentleman and His Dog

Keeping visible

My dog's getting on a bit too but she still needs her evening walk. I bought her a reflective collar which not only helps us both be seen on the street but also gives me a better idea of what she's getting up to when I let her off the lead in the park.

Male Cyclist

Benefits of cycling

I love getting around on my new bike and feel much more confident after taking advantage of free cycle classes from my local council. I feel fitter, made new friends and saved a lot of money too!