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Older Persons Road Safety

Mobility Problems?

The Forum of Mobility Centres can provide free advice on simple and inexpensive adaptations you can make to your car to help make driving easier and safer.

You may also qualify for parking concessions available to disabled drivers and passengers under the Blue Badge Scheme.

For further information contact 0800 559 3636 or visit


Choose a good time to go out – It's better to avoid going out or coming back during rush hours when the traffic is particularly heavy.

It's also best to stick to daylight hours when possible.

Contact Us

If you have any enquiries you can contact a member of the Good Egg Safety Team by emailing [email protected]

Alternatively please contact us through facebook or twitter.

Driver Assessment Courses

Across the UK, Local Authorities may offer driver assessment courses. These courses are usually FREE of charge.

To check if there is a course in your area listed on this website please click here.