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Older Persons Road Safety

Top Tip for drivers

Drive defensively – Reflexes can slow down as we get older, often without us being aware of it, so it can be helpful to allow a little more time and space to react to any unexpected situations.

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Did you know

Over the next 20 years, the number of female drivers aged over 70 is set to triple, while male drivers aged over 70 will double.

Bus Safety

Bus Safety

Public transport such as buses is a great way of getting around. It’s a cheaper alternative to taking the car and it’s better for the environment. It can also be a good way to socialise and meet new people during your travels.

Here are some simple ways to keep safe when catching a bus:

  • 1. Always use the handrails when stepping on and off a bus. If you have any difficulty, it’s worth asking the driver if they can lower the floor as some buses have that option.
  • 2. Take advantage of the priority seats at the front of the bus. If they’ve been taken by someone younger then you should have the confidence to ask them politely to move.
  • 3. It’s important to not feel pressured to rush. Feel free to ask the driver if they will remain stationary until you are seated before they move off.
  • 4. It’s best not to travel with too many bags as these can prevent you from holding the handrails and become cumbersome. A shopping trolley is a safer and easier option.
  • 5. When you want to get off, it’s perfectly fine to remain seated until the bus comes to a complete standstill.